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Pat Macaluso earns Best in Show

“It so happens that Best in Show is the first painting one sees when entering the main gallery – Pat Macaluso’s abstract variations on red, “Magic of the Sacred Place.”

Made with acrylic paint layered in a process of addition and subtraction, Macaluso’s palette is monochromatic with temperature variations in her use of warm and cool shades of red suggesting subtle patterns.

The work is non-representational, which means there are no references to representational or figurative elements in the color field. The idea that art does not necessarily replicate or render likenesses of people, objects, or places is more than 100 years old. It is an established tradition in the visual arts that may be explored in researching Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Color Field painting or the work of Mark Rothko, Joan Mitchell, Agnes Martin, or Richard Diebenkorn.”


Bayou Lacombe Art Center Fall Show a beauty to behold

“In Art Under Glass, the image of “Le Corsia de Paese Italiana” by Pat Macaluso presents an Italian tree-lined lane that fades into infinity. The soft muted reds, yellows and greens arranged in geometric angles pull the viewer’s eye through the path.”